Annual Report

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List of Books Prescribed

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Science Laboratory

A state-of-art science laboratory that enables our students to not just hone their skills of scientific procedures but also let them practice and apply the knowledge gained in classrooms in real-time experiments and hands-on projects.

Mathematics Laboratory

One of the unique features of our facilities, our Math Lab stands out in enabling students to understand the principles and nuances of mathematics. This is where students can experiment and explore ideas, through a collection of techniques and activities that help students to discover, to learn and to develop an interest in mathematics.

Computer Laboratory

A fully functional computer laboratory with up-to-date computers ensure that our students not only have access to the necessary computer time for their scholastic work, but also get to utilize resources like computers, printers and internet for their scholastic as well as co-scholastic activities.


Home to more than 10000 books, our library brings out the best of knowledge through a highly assorted selection of books, novels and publications. With a completely electronic management, this alma mater of knowledge makes books available to students easily, encouraging them to read and assimilate more than what the curriculum expects. With dedicated library hours in our schedule, all of our students learn and love to read.

School Activities

Our aim has always been an all round development of physical, mental, intellectual and other abilities of the child rather than just imparting academic knowledge based on books. With a trained innovative & creative staff and a free play approach based on project methodology, learning has become a joyful experience for our children. We have a well-equipped playground and a sandpit for their outdoor games and different rooms especially designed for activities like Music, Art & Craft, indoor free play (toy room) etc. Besides taking children on field trips for giving first hand knowledge and experience based on their syllabus, exposing them to different audio-visual aids is an integral part of our curriculum

For our primary & secondary section we have various extra curricular activities like Taekwondo, roller skating, gymnastics, Indian classical dance, art & craft, Dramatics, vocal, instrumental music, Sanskrit Classes, Scholarship Classes within the school premises after the academic classes. So that the children develop a liking and follow, at least one of these activities as they grow up. Computer as a teaching aid is used from Mini KG to Sr KG.

The extension of the building houses multipurpose hall, Library, Laboratories and few classrooms.

The school prides itself in providing students with well equipped computer lab, two science labs and a rich library. The school boasts of a ground equipped with jogging track. The khokho and kabaddi ground, a sand pit & basketball court is in the pipeline next.