Annual Social Gathering (2023-24)


Sevasadan English Medium School

Good Evening Everyone,

I Jyoti Rokde, Principal of the school, have a great pleasure in presenting to you the annual report for the academic year 2023-24. This year had been a very eventful one for us. Apart from preparing the children to qualify for purely academic demands, special efforts are being made continuously to enable them to face the challenges of the competitive world. It is a matter of great importance to us that the students who pass out from our school should carry forward the value they have inherited, excel in whatever they do and be role models in the society.

In the present demanding times, when the task of grooming the students has become all the more challenging, education has to be holistic enough to nurture the inherent talents and tap the potential of the students through co-scholastic activities.

 Keeping in mind, students from Std 5th to 10th participated in the school democratic process by voting for and electing the Head Prefects of the School. They cast their votes to elect Tanaya Pendse as their Head Girl and Ayush Jog as their Head Boy. The head prefects and the captains for various houses have been successfully shouldering their responsibilities.

Intra school competitions were held in Diwali Festival to bring out the best in the children. Our students also proved their mettle by participating in various competitions like drawing competitions organised by Rangotsav, Faber Castel and Camlin. The children’s talent shone in events such as English Marathon, Cyber Genius and Geeta Pathan conducted by Chinmaya Mission.

The school conducted its yearly in-house activities like the Annual Sports Day and Prize Distribution ceremony.

Some of the other activities conducted by the school were-periods devoted to silent reading to promote the Reading Skill, talks on cleanliness and recitation of the cleanliness oath as a part of the Swaccha Bharat Abhiyan. Children were shown documentaries on the various topics, which we hope to continue as an activity in the coming years.

Vidyavrat ceremony was organised for STD-VIII. Lectures on National Integration, Naman Veerate la and Kargil Shaurya Gatha were held for the students.

Guru Poornima was celebrated and the Investitures ceremony was conducted to induct its new team of captains, prefects, Head-Boy and Head-Girl.

This year students were taken to Science Park and Lekha Farm for educational trip. This enhanced their knowledge in Domestic Electric Circuit, Hydroelectric Power Station, Automobiles etc. Some audio-visual show like Taramandal, Small demontrations through working models based on light, pressure and energy concepts.

In Rangotsav Competition -

1)      Rajiv Saraf from std 6thc secured 3rd Prize in Handwriting competition. He also received Roller Skates and a Trophy.


2)      Riddhima Abhyankar from std 5th A received 4th prize in Colouring. She received a Colouring set and a Gold Medal.


Total 44 students won exciting awards and prizes at National Level in colouring, handwritting and sketching competition.


Navneet Drawing Competition was held, Winners from Group B were

  1. Riddhima Abhyankar from std 5A.
  2. Yukta Palshikar from std 5B.
  3. Srinidhi Palaskar from std 6C.
  4. Bhargavi Bhorade from std 6A.

Winners from Group C were

  1. Shravya Mulay from  Std 7C.
  2. Sara Jogalekar from std 7C.
  3. Radha Karkare from std 7A.
  4. Sruja Oak from std 7 B.


1)      In Elementary Drawing Grade Exam, In all 55 students appeared for the exam, out of which - 9 students received A Grade and 31 students received B Grade


2)      In Intermediate Drawing Grade Exam. - 6 students appeared for the exam, out of which - 4 students received A Grade and 1 student received B grade.


List of Meritorious students in Mathematics are as follows-

  1. In Ganit Prabhutva Pariksha-2023 - 17 students from Std V and 5 students from Std VIII appeared for the exam– Results are yet to be declared.
  2. In Aryabhatt Ganit Challenge-2023-

18 students from Std VIII and IX appeared for the 1st level of exam-

          a)      Himanshu Patwardhan

          b)      Saee Gokhale 

          c)      Shreyas Sulakhe were selected for the 2nd level.

  1. In Wisdom Maths Scholarship Exam - 23 students appeared from Std V - VIII :

a)     Aryaa Konnur secured 4th rank,

b)     Siddharth Nagare secured 50th rank.

  1.  In IMP Exam 29 students appeared from Std V-IX -:

a)      Aryaa Konnur secured 36th rank  

b)     Siddharth Nagre secured 188th rank.


List of Meritorious students in Science are as follows -

  1. In Homi Bhabha Competition for std VI and std IX -33 students from std VI and 10 students from std IX appeared for the competition -

6 students from std VI and 1 student from std IX were selected for the second level.

Shubhankar Joshi from Std VI-A was selected for the 3rd level and received silver medal.


  1. In COEP Mindspark 2023 Genius Junior Quiz Competition - 20 students from  Std VII to Std X got selected for 2nd round -

School received 3rd prize in finals out of 36 schools.

Kedar Joshi from Std VII, Saket Gadre from Std VIII, Varad Thakurdesai from   Std IX,  Soham Aphale Std X were the finalists.



  1. In Wisdom Science Scholarship Exam - 22 students appeared from Std V-VIII :  

a)      Shubhankar Joshi - secured first rank and received a gold medal.

b)      Aryaa Konnur  secured 9th Rank

c)      Siddharth Nagare secured 12th rank

d)      Himanshu Patwardhan secured 28th Rank,

d)      Archit Lawar secured 33rd rank


In state level English Marathon Competition :

1)      Aditi Soman from Std 5th received 1st position

2)      Arya Gokhale from Std 7th received 2nd position

3)      Vedhas Datar from Std 8th received 1st position.


In English Olympiad

          19 students were selected for level - 2.


In Science Olympiad

          23 students were selected for level - 2.


In National Maths Olympiad

          30 students were selected for level -2

          Aarya Konnur from std- 7th C received an International Silver Medal and gift voucher of Rs.1,000/-.

In Maharashtra Scholarship Exams (2022-23)

Std V :       Total No. of students appeared were 51 :

                   a)    Rohan Akut secured 4th rank in State

                   b)    Arjun Deshpande secured 10th rank in State

Std VIII :   Total No. of students appeared were 8.


  1. Sanskrit Scholarship exam was conducted by Sanskrit Bhasha Sanstha -  

Himanshu Patwardhan achieved 3rd rank in state.

51 Students received scholarship at state and district level.

2)      Maitreyee Kulkarni from Std V-B and Malhar Kulkarni from Std VIII-C received prestigious award from शङ्कराचार्य of शृङ्गेरीमठ for भगवद्-गीता chanting. They both received a cash prize of Rs. 21,000/- and a certificate for memorizing all 18 अध्याय  of  भगवद्-गीता.

Raja Natu Karandak was organized by Kalopask. Our school presented Drama  'Palta Bhui Thodi' and got best script writing award.

  1. In Online IT Championship Durva Borse from std VII-C was one amongst the first 10 toppers. She received a gold medal and a USB Flash Drive.


  1. In Inter-School Compuskills Championship 2023 that is using Scratch Software - Deepit Sahasrabudhe from VI-C and Advay Kulkarni from VI C - have secured third position in the competition. They received a trophy along with cash prize.

3)      Bhavarth Pinjarkar from 9th B, was selected for CCRT Scholarship awarded by the Central Government of India, for excellence in Harmonium. He will get Rs.12,000/- every year till the age of 20 years.


Sports is an integral part of a healthy life. Games and exercise freshens the mind and this leads to better creativity and higher productivity. Such habits must be incorporated into the child's daily schedule from his childhood days. The result will be a happier and a healthier child. Our school has always encouraged children to take initiative in sports. The sports program helps us in identifying talents in particular sports and gave more exposure to the students. Some of our achievements are-

School secured 3rd place in Marching and Calisthenics Competition organized by PGSSA.

  1. Adwika Lele from std-10th A Participated in Gymnastics at international level competition for India, organized by Federation de International Gymnastics.
  2. Saloni Patil from std-8thC Secured first place in state level Basketball Competition and secured third place in National Level basketball competition where she represented as Captain of Maharashtra Team.
  3. Niraj Joshi from std-6thB Secured third place in Karate State Level Competition and was felicitated with a Green Belt.
  4. Maitreyee Limaye from std-5thC Secured second place in solo performance and secured third place in group performance at National Level Skating Competition.
  5. Rama Bhave from std5thC

 Nihira Damle from std 5thC

 Soham Sane from std 5thC

 Anshita Bhise from std 8th A

All secured third place in group performance at National Level Skating Competition.

  1. Keyur Lele and Kshitij Joshi from Std 9thC Secured third place in Table Tennis competition organized by Sakal Schoolympic.
  2. Abha Chincholi from std 9thB Secured Second place in Taekwondo Competition organized by Sakal Schoolympic.
  3. Ishita Kulkarni from std 8thB Secured second place in Taekwondo Competition organized by Sakal Schoolympic.
  4. Arjun Tamhankar from std 5thA Secured Third place in Taekwondo Competition organized by Sakal Schoolympic.
  5. Harsh Mohoril from std 6thA Secured First Place in Taekwondo Competition organized by Sakal Schoolympic and First place at State level Taekwondo Competition.
  6. Neev Parekh from std 5thB Secured second place in Taekwondo Competition organized by Sakal Schoolympic and Second place at state Level Taekwondo Competition.
  7. Nimish Khandelwal from std 5thB Secured Third place in Taekwondo Competition organized by Sakal Schoolympic and Third place at State Level Taekwondo Competition.
  8. Aditi Kulkarni from std 8thC Secured second place in Chess Competition organized by Sakal Schoolympic.
  9. Aman Shekh from std 7thC Secured Second place in 600 m. running and 400 m. running organized by Sakal Schoolympic.
  10. Swimming competition organized by Sakal Schoolympic

Aayush Rajapure from std 5thB -

Secured First Place in 50 m. butterfly, 100m. butterfly,

Third place in 50 m. Free Style, 100 m. Free Style, 50 m. back.

  1.  Swimming competition organized by Sakal Schoolympic

          Tanmay Rajapure from std 9thA

Secured First Place in 100m. Back Stroke,

Second Place in 200 m. Back Stroke,

Second Place in 200 m., IM.

Third place in 50 m. Back Stroke

He also secured first place in 50 m. Back Stroke, 100 m. Back Stroke and 200 m. Back Stroke and 100 m Breast Stroke,

Second place in 50 m. Butterfly, 100m. Butterfly,

50m. Breast Stroke,

50 Free Style,

100 m. Free Style,

200 m. Free Style,

400m. Free Style Swimming competitions organized by Sakal Schoolympic.

  1. Our School secured 7th Rank in Sakal Schoolympic Competition among 125 school.


CBSE Board Result

Total Students Appeared–77                                                                  Passed -77


Toppers of the year were    1.Nishad Lubree and

        2. Sameehan Mehendale with 99%

                                                     1. Sejal Khandelwal secured second position with 98.4%

                                                    1.  Arnav Joshi secured third position with 98%


Subjectwise Toppers as follows-

In English :  Sameehan  Mehendale secured 100/100

In Sanskrit following students secured 100/100



Nishad Lubree


Sameehan Mehendale




Arnav Joshi


Ananya Desai


Tanaya Thorat


Swarali Joshi


Sayali Ballal


Aarya Deshmukh


Shubhra Nikam


Saee Bhate


Siddharth Chiplunkar


Omkar Sapre


Anushri Gokhale


Anushree Ketkar


Anvay Guruji


Arnav Dalvi


Sanchita Kulkarni


Kaushik Kashyap


Shravani Barve


Maitreyee Velankar




Sameehan Mehendale


Sejal Khandelwal


Shubhra Nikam and


Nirav Kulkarni secured 100/100

In Maths





In Science :  Nishad Lubree secured 98/100



Nishad Lubree and


Sameehan Mehendale secured 100/100

In Social Science





  1. With great enthusiasm and pride, I would like to inform all of you of the transformative journey that Sevasadan is about to embark upon, towards academic excellence. It is my distinct pleasure to announce a momentous  development of our esteemed institution - a visionary expansion that marks a new chapter in our commitment to nurturing knowledge and fostering growth.


  1. In response to the ever-evolving educational landscape, we are thrilled to unveil plans for the establishment of a Junior College right here on our existing campus. This expansion represents not just a physical growth of our infrastructure, but a bold stride into the future of holistic education.


  1. The decision to introduce the classes of 11th and 12th standards in the Science stream, is a testament to our unwavering dedication to providing a seamless educational continuum for our students. This endeavour will  enable us to cultivate a learning environment that seamlessly integrates the vibrancy of high school with the already existing sections.



  1. As we embrace this expansion, we envision a space where innovation meets tradition, and where intellectual curiosity knows no bounds. Our Junior College we hope, will be one of academic excellence, fostering critical thinking, creativity, and leadership skills essential for the challenges of the 21st Century.


  1. With digitalised classrooms and a new computer lab, a maths lab, our Junior College aims to empower students to excel not just academically but to become well-rounded individuals prepared to contribute meaningfully to society.

I invite you all to join us in celebrating this moment of growth.

I would like to thank our members of the committee for their support.

I would also like to thank all the parents for their help throughout the year.

I hope you enjoy the cultural programme presented by our students and your evening with us is a pleasurable one.